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Get to Know Me

Helping You Move Forward

My Journey

At the tender age of 7 years old is where I first experienced trauma due to molestation at the hands of a family member. This trauma was never resolved. As a teenager, I was assaulted by a pastor; once again, this was not resolved. In my early 20's, I experienced date rape...this too was not resolved.

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During my first marriage, I experienced both sexual assault and domestic violence. Due to the erroneous guidance of my pastor at the time, I endured this trauma longer than necessary.

After a life threatening car accident on Labor Day 2015, it unleashed a Pandora’s box of all of the unresolved trauma I have endured. I experienced PTSD from the accident, causing all the suppressed memories and unresolved trauma to resurface. 

I battled and tortured myself tremendously with guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, confusion, substance abuse, self-medicate, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, recurring flashbacks and nightmares, and insomnia, and relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms. The experiences of each assault impacted my ability to trust others. I finally decided to do therapy multiple times to no avail, because "everyone heals differently". At this time in my life journey, I decided to take control of my life and by taking control I started to self-educate myself on every area of trauma and how the unresolved trauma changed the trajectory of my life. It is my deepest desire to help others that are currently dealing with the hidden pain of trauma of their past and present, because I know what that feels like.

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Through My Pain...I found my purpose.

As a trauma survivor, I understand the pain that is brought on by these kinds of events. Experiencing or witnessing shocking and emotionally overwhelming situations can provoke complex emotional reactions such as fear, horror, numbness, or helplessness. My philosophy as to what really set me apart from many other life /trauma coaches is my first-hand experience of living with trauma for years, buried deep inside of me, walking around every day as if everything was okay...and on the inside, I was a mental and emotional wreck. 

I know what it is to wear an invisible mask everyday, pretending to be healthy and whole to the outside world, only to go home and face the wretched mess I was. So, not only can I sympathize but I can also empathize, because this was my life as well. 

My Professional Education

I obtained my Bachelor's and Master’s of Science Degree from Alcorn State University. In my previous work experience, I served in the field of finance as a Certified Tax Preparer, in law enforcement as a Police Officer, and in healthcare as a  Regional Director. One year after leaving the healthcare field, I increased my professional expertise in the field of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. As a survivor with lived experience, I have been recognized as an expert in trauma recovery. The trauma and healing I experienced in my own life, led me to gain more knowledge and to get professionally certified in the field of trauma, including as a Certified Family Trauma Professional, Certified Trauma Support Specialist, Certified Trauma Treatment for Children, and many others.

My "why"

Because of my trauma and the freedom that I have walked through in my own healing journey, in 2014, I started a nonprofit organization for underserved victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I started Shining Light in Darkness to provide education, support, and healing to survivors of interpersonal trauma. After working with survivors across the country, I vowed that Shining Light in Darkness would be a beacon of hope for victims and survivors in the field of trauma recovery. I know that “everyone heals differently” and decided to further my education by becoming more trauma-informed in order to serve men, women, and children. 

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Where I Stand as a Coach

  • I operate from a place of integrity. 

  • I walk with you through this journey of healing. 

  • I also learn from my clients, since they are some of my best teachers.

  • If I do not have the ability to support my client for any reason, I will work with you to find someone best suited for your needs.

  • I see my clients where they ultimately want be, not where they currently are.

  • I have the tools and resources to help them pursue and achieve their goals.

  • I listen without judgment and create a a safe space for clients to hear their own voice.

  • I meet and accept my clients exactly where they are.

  • I see possibilities that they often do not see themselves.

  • I facilitate growth, so that clients can approach their situations from a new perspective.

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Coach & Client Relationship

  • In our coaching relationship, I am your accountability partner.

  • Our coaching relationship is a partnership between two equals.

  • Clients are experts in their own lives; I am an expert in coaching tools and processes.

  • The success of the coaching engagement depends upon how much trust and openness that exists in the relationship. If both client and coach give their all to the engagement, it will support greater progress and success for the client.

  • I customize programs that address your unique needs.

  • Your life can move forward with healing, hope, ​​​​​​​happiness, and purpose.

  • I have subject matter expertise in negotiations, trauma, holistic healing and wellness, goal setting, confidence building, life purpose, and mindset coaching.

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